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Eirini Soile

What is the story of the brand?

24 Goat was first created in 2018 primarily out of my need for creative expression but also as an outlet from my day job as a graphic designer. It all started in the living room of my house where I began to draw and print my first prints on cloth bags.

After 4 years of doing it alongside my day job, and getting to the point where weekends were not enough time to devote to it, I decided to take the next step and go full time! I quit my job and started looking for the space that would house the workshop and also the physical store for the brand.

After a lot of searching, even more merchandising and endless paperwork, in August 2022 I made my dream come true and opened my own shop. Since then, I am located in Koukaki, at number 97 Dimitrakopoulou street and I print my prints daily on t-shirts, tote bags and everything else that is printed.

What is the present like for the brand?

The present for the brand at the moment is very beautiful. It’s also still very new to me as the physical store is not even 2 years old yet. It’s actually very strange because on one hand I feel like I’ve been doing it forever and on the other hand I still have the excitement of a new start. Of course there are difficulties, like in all professions, it’s just really nice to finally do what you love and every morning you’re happy to go to work and that’s what I keep at the end of the day.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?

Because as I said, I’m still experiencing it as something very new, I’m not making plans for the future yet. I want to enjoy it as it is for a little while longer. My dream for the future at the moment is to keep living it, doing what I love!

contact info

e-shop: 24goat.com
instagram: _24goat
address: 97 Dimitrakopoulou Str., Koukaki