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Adelie Pengu

Myrto Papailiou

What is your story and the story behind the brand?

Adelie Pengu was created as an idea during the first quarantine. Like many other people, I took the opportunity during this time to think and put into action some things that I needed to express. Since the future was uncertain anyway, it didn’t seem like much of a risk. For many years, I worked as a designer for other companies, which was a great school for me and an inspiration. Both brands I have worked for (Heel Athens Lab and Akira Mushi) were exactly what I wanted to work for since the beginning of my studies in the industry and I consider myself lucky to have worked with them. However, I always had the need to do more with printing, because I always loved graphic design as an art. So, in August 2020 I opened my own company and in January 2021 the first collection of Adelie Pengu was launched.

It is a brand whose purpose was to give joy, smiles, colour and comfort! Its symbol is the penguin precisely because it is an extremely funny, clumsy and elegant animal at the same time. The prints may be my creative expression but the philosophy of the brand and what it stands for is an extension of my own philosophy for the world I would like to live in. And so, through the sweetest penguins of Adelie (Adelie Penguins), we were able to communicate much more than a clothing brand. Our philosophy is that in all things white coexists with black, that we should not take things so seriously and that we should have the ability to crumple, fall and rise. Adelie Pengu radiates optimism and in times when many believe that we are going from bad to worse, playfully asks “Are we living the best version yet?”.

How is the present for the brand?

The present is not easy but the world has embraced this brand at a very fast pace and with a lot of love. From the very first season it gained its audience at the wholesale and retail level. I started the brand in the midst of a global crisis, so it wasn’t easy for me anyway. Nevertheless, it very quickly gained stability and it is growing at normal healthy rates. Of course there are difficulties! After Covid we had various “setbacks”, which affected both the economy and the psychology of the world, so we have not lived in comfortable conditions yet. But personally I’m a person who listens and tries to adapt to the situations around me, so I go with the circumstances and change what needs to be changed at any time. And I’m glad because I hear that each season is better than the last, which shows me that there is progress on several levels!

What are your plans for the future?

My dream is for Adelie Pengu to grow harmoniously without excesses. Ideally, I want it to grow to the point where it can still be manageable, humane and as ethical as possible. In the work I do, unfortunately, mistakes bring big losses, so the bigger the size, the bigger the damage…and damage is inevitable!

My next plans are to be able to own my own store. At the moment I have the showroom that works by appointment and it is more of a work space for me, but I am looking forward to a space that will house the creativity of the brand and host all the AP fans!

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Adelie Pengu
Showroom: Astydamantos 49, Pagrati
+30 211 26 71 546
instagram: @adelie_pengu
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