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Kadó Handmade Clothes

Dora Kakka

What is the story of the brand?

Designing clothes wasn’t something I dreamed of as a child but it came into my life when I was about 20 years old. My studies in Communications and Media led me to my first job in a fashion magazine and the role of assistant stylist. It was a beautiful job that brought me in contact with established designers, visiting their showrooms almost daily, with fashion shows and lots of photo shoots! Somewhere in the designers’ studios, I started dreaming of creating clothes in my own! Having no sewing or pattern knowledge, a few years later I started private tutoring and that was it. From the very first class I knew that this is what I would do for the rest of my life and so, full of excitement and anticipation, I bought a sewing machine which I have never parted with since then!

Just like that, back in 2019, Kadó was born, whose name comes from my surname and name, but it also means gift in many languages. From the very beginning Kadó found its character and its trademark are boho-ethnic prints and, somewhat, carefree nature. Many of the fabrics I use come from miles away as every time I travel, I return with suitcases full of colourful fabrics that take us to far away places.

What is the present for the brand?

The truth is that people embraced Kadó very early on and year after year there is a steady upward trend. What I love is that a large percentage of people who shop will return again and again and that means a lot to me. Through my clothes I have made friendships and also great contacts that I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to make.

Something else I love about this job is that it gives me the freedom to do it from anywhere. Of course my base is Athens, my showroom is in the center, however within covid and the traffic ban, I realized that I didn’t need to be here, as all orders were now being placed online. So, without much thought, I loaded the car with fabrics and sewing machines and drove down to the port of Amorgos. Since then, every summer and for about 4 months, all the orders take the boat to reach the hands of those who buy online, and many collections have been born on my favorite island. And in October I am back at my base, welcoming people to my showroom.

So right now, one can find my clothes online at www.kadohandmade.gr and for those in Athens there is the possibility to visit my showroom by appointment. Part of my collections is also available in a few selected stores in Greece and abroad.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?

Kadó was created with a lot of love and at the level it has reached it already gives me great joy and satisfaction. Of course in my mind of there are many ideas and dreams about my profession for the future. One of them is to grow the Kadó team, as at the moment everything is passing through my hands. From choosing the fabrics to making the designs, sewing, social media and much much more.

At the same time, what I want is to continue to travel, get inspired by my travels and create through them. I think that, slowly, everything will come together, always with respect to people and the world, my values and beliefs! After all, when you do something with so much love, what can go wrong?


Bogdan Babanin & Thodoris Chaniotis

contact info

e-shop: www.kadohandmade.gr
Address showroom: Skouleniou 4, 4th floor, Athens
instagram: @kado_handmade
facebook: @kado.clothing